I love this painting so much we shipped it with us to New York. It’s not the most fresh or original piece of art to have on display, but I love it.

And I’ve fallen back in love with it anew over the last few months, because it captures one of the things I’m missing most about my work in the old world.

I like to think that the guy on his own could be a Qualitative Researcher, getting a drink after a night of moderation. He’s in a city that’s not his own, he’s alone. There’s a loneliness to this moment; he’s surrounded by darkness. But there’s also a comforting stillness to it, there’s peacefulness and space.

This moment, sat at a bar having a beer on my own is one of the moments I love my job. After the adrenalin rush and challenge of the research this is my time. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it when clients or local partners invite me for a dinner or drink (And I’ve had some great evenings with great people), but if I decline this is why.

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