UK General Election

I’m currently awake with jet lag in China. The local time is 5.47 and I have a long day of briefing and groups ahead of me. So, this seems a good time to give my Qual researcher “take” on the recent election.

More precisely, this is why I think Labour lost (so badly), and I think it was grounded in an horrendous lack of audience understanding. I don’t know who was doing their Qual research but they were shit. I have my suspicions as to why, but that’s irrelevant

Anywhere, here goes….

“NOT THE” is just about the most stupid and nasty two words you can put into an election slogan. Why the fuck would any party make clear they’re actively against an element of the electorate?

Here’s why it’s nasty:

As a slogan with no context it is saying we’re for the majority, not a minority. Put any other group apart from “the rich” after those two words and you’re overtly awful. But “the (rich) few” shouldn’t be utterly disregarded by a potential party of government either. Leaving aside the % of tax they pay, its just the politics of division. It’s pointing at an ‘other’ and saying to people “they’re your enemy, it’s their fault you don’t have another car or a bigger willy”. It is inherently negative and appealing to the worst of people.

Here’s why it’s stupid:

People are aspirational. The minority Labour decided to demonise is actually one a lot of people want to join. The only people who don’t want more are those who can sit pretty satisfied with their lot (it would be lazy of me to suggest this is “Jeremy’s” set).

I appreciate there is far more to this than a bad slogan. I just think that whilst people congratulate/lament the impact of “TAKE BACK CONTROL” and “GET BREXIT DONE” it’s worth acknowledging the appalling competition

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