I like Singapore. Ok it’s organised fun and nothing like Manila, Jakarta or Bangkok, but I found all those cities exhausting. I only like Bangkok out of the three.

Look, if you think your Dad funding a trip to Asia will help you find yourself then Singapore is not the place. My understanding is this is best achieved by sweating on a Thai bus for 20 hours, getting pissed and then catching an STD from an Australian.

I wasn’t in Asia to find myself, I went for 5 days to catch up with one of my best friends. Singapore was ideal.

Twenty minute cab ride from the airport and I had a cold beer in his downtown office. Ten minute Grab ride later and we’re sat in the open front of a bar enjoying the mix of inside AC and outside heat, all with another cold beer. It was wonderful, everything was easy. We could focus on catching up and getting drunk. When we needed food we could order it without hassle and it arrived.

The next day we went to the famous Hawker markets. Yes they’re organised and sanitised compared to the rest of Asia but they’re also easy and delicious. So many stalls offering salt, grease and spice in various combinations sorted out our hangovers. Cold beers got us started again

And just look at the array of it. One of the best things about London is that new cultures arrive and bring their food, the same is true in Singapore

But I wouldn’t want to live in Singapore. Last year I read The Circle by Dave Eggers and Singapore brought it to mind. If you’re willing to play by the rules, not question anything and colour in the lines then it’s incredible, you will be looked after for as long as you behave. However, whilst we’re all willing to behave for a few days of stressfree deliciousness you don’t want a lifetime of it

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