How to get the most out of Qualitative research

Qualitative research can play a vital role in enabling brands to navigate our rapidly changing world. We can use this Covid-19 period as an opportunity to stand back and assess how we’ve been working; to retain and develop what’s good; to challenge what’s got rotten. For the past decade, I have worked selling and conducting [...]


We’ve done and seen so little here. We’ve not left the three interconnected hotels that form the resort; we’ve not been out in the kayaks, joined a yoga class on the beach or learned to wake board. It has been a wonderful, floppy, wasted time. My sole achievement has been to read three books in [...]


I’ve been chased down a rural Kenyan road by children shouting Mzungu at the first white person they’d ever met; I’ve had selfies with half the young people at an Indian historical site; and I’ve needed a personal security guard in suburban Nigeria. China's indifference isn't that bad. And China isn’t unwelcoming to travellers, it [...]

UK General Election

I'm currently awake with jet lag in China. The local time is 5.47 and I have a long day of briefing and groups ahead of me. So, this seems a good time to give my Qual researcher "take" on the recent election. More precisely, this is why I think Labour lost (so badly), and I [...]


I arrived in Warsaw at lunch time and right next to my hotel was a "traditional restaurant, so I wasted no time. Pierogi are traditional fried Polish dumplings. They can be filled with meat, cheese, vegetables. They're fried and then served covered in a very oily bacon "gravy". I ordered the mixed portion. They looked [...]